Urban Renewal 2022. Opleiding KU Leuven.

How to transform cities into healthy working and living spaces?

Een opleiding van Vastgoedkunde KU Leuven.

When redeveloping bigger sites the challenge goes further than just transforming buildings. Strategies and business models need improvement but also real estate companies and public services require extensive change management to be able to deliver future proof projects.

  • What kind of leverage and disruptive models are required to turn complexity into success?
  • In which way are private and public players inspired by innovations?
  • Are they ready for challenges that are changing our way of working and living such as climate change and adaptation, circular economy, sustainable/flexible/adjustable design, architecture and construction?
  • And which lessons can be learned from the past? 

Furthermore, stakeholders have to deal with an ever changing legislation and different decision-making levels in a rapidly changing society, boosted by the tech revolution, pandemics and globalization.
What rules and regulations and which strategies will influence or facilitate urban development projects or make them even more complex?


During this training course theoretical insights combined with inspiring case studies will illustrate on each separate decision-making and organizational level

  • What the turning points were for the transformation of a building, a neighbourhood, an area, a town or a city.
  • Which decision, what action was crucial or who triggered certain events?
  • Which stakeholders were involved in the process and how did they deal with this? 

These case studies will fuel lively discussions between participants and lecturers. Exchange of knowledge and information, learning from your peers and building bridges between ideas, strategies, organizations and people are the key ingredients of this course.

Depending on the mother tongue of our mixed group of lecturers and participants, the sessions and presentations will be held in Dutch, French or English. Additional measures will be taken, if necessary, to keep the lessons, discussions and course materials understandable for all participants.

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