Lecture. Space for Transition. A transformative Role for Design.

Lecture by Prof. Derk Loorbach

Derk Loorbach is professor of socio-economic transitions and director of the Dutch Research Institute For Transitions (DRIFT), at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was amongst the first researchers to develop the concept and approach of transition management. He started his professional career working as researcher for the International Centre for Integrative Studies (ICIS), Maastricht University, directed by Prof. Jan Rotmans, founder of transition management research. Within his research, Derk focuses on the development of transition management in theory and practice through theory development and action research.

Derk combines academic work with consulting and impact driven work. DRIFT itself is a social business model, combining different activities and financial logics to support its mission to contribute to sustainability transitions by developing knowledge in and with practice. He is actively involved in transitions in many sectors, from energy, mobility, food and health care to neighbourhood level and on social topics like poverty, exclusion and migration. He is a frequently invited speaker and contributor to more popular publications and events, as well as engaged in academic debate and the development of theory on transition and transition governance. In 2021, Derk Loorbach was appointed chief curator of the 2022 IABR: SHOCK AND ROLL.


31 mei 2022 | 19.00u

Aula S.K.001 Rector Dhanis | UAntwerpen stadscampus

Meer info via de website van UAntwerpen.

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